Why is getting the vaccine important?

“In the past few days, the epidemiological situation has been stabilizing,” said Zuridin Nurmatov, Head of the Republican Research and Practical Center for Viral Infection Control. He noted that the number of infection cases is decreasing and the epidemiological situation is stabilizing. This is a huge achievement of our citizens who are strictly following preventive measures and getting vaccinated, as well as health workers who make tremendous contributions to fighting COVID-19 on a daily basis. There is a clear reduction in the morbidity rate in all regions, and the number of people receiving treatment is decreasing with each day. The unvaccinated now make up 99% of new cases and those who undergo treatment.

In conclusion, Zuridin Nurmatov underlined, that it is too early to relax. COVID-19 is a new and not fully studied infection and no one knows how the virus might behave; at the same time, it is clear that eliminating the virus requires antibodies produced as a result of the vaccine or previous infection, and there are no other effective measures to this date.