Three-year program on COVID-19 control (2)

With the support of the WHO, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the KR and representatives of state bodies responsible for COVID-19 prevention and control are developing a COVID-19 Action Plan for 2021-2023 to minimize the risk of the spread of infection.

“The developed draft plan includes institutional opportunities to improve preparedness and response to COVID-19 as well as future threats in public health,” said Nurida Jusupbekova, Head of the Department of Medical Care and Medicines Policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the KR.

According to her, the main components of the plan include sustainable financing, interagency coordination, full digitalization of the healthcare system, as well as continued adherence to health protection measures, increasing the public’s trust in information from competent sources, and unconditional adoption of recommended behavioral models in the context of the pandemic.

At the end of the briefing, N.Jusupbekova underlined that overcoming COVID-19 is the responsibility of every citizen, not just the Ministry, and urged all citizens of Kyrgyzstan to get vaccinated.